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We offer most types and sizes.
Wing Tip
Single Conical
Double Conical

Additional photos: picture 1, picture 2, picture 3, picture 4, picture 5, picture 6

Drill Bits

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We offer numerous types of drill hammer bits, including:

CC Krusher
Flat Face

We can accommodate most standard shank sizes.


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Hydraulically driven
Water & mud
Speed & flow control
Pressure gauge
Pressure relief valve
Many types and brands available

We carry pumps for grouting, water-based or foam-based coring, mud rotary drilling, and many other purposes. Whether your project requires low volume, high pressure piston pumps or centrifugal top-feed mud pumps or nearly any other type, we can fulfill your needs.


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Call for details.

IR-XHP1170 WCAT Compressor

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Caterpiller C-15
6 Cylinders
5.4 in cylinder bore
6.5 in cylinder stroke
893 cu in displacement
1800 rpm
1350 idle rpm
525 BHP speed

Details: Diesel fuel, water cooling, 24 electrical volts, 2 x 1400 CCA, 16 gal radiant cooling capacity, 16000 ft altitude capability, 75% load:21.1gpm, 100% load:23gpm, rotary screw compressor, free-air delivery 1170cfm, rated operating press 350psig, air discharge outlet size [...]

Numa Patriot 80 Hammer

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Down Hole Hammer
Simplified hammer design with less internal components.
Drills at high frequency to provide less vibration
Operates at pressures to 350PSI (23.8 BAR)
Drills effeciently against high heads of water
7-1/8in diameter (181mm)
6in bore (152mm)
3-3/4in stroke (95mm)

Cement Truck

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Contact us for details.
Additional photos: picture 1, picture 2

Other Equipment Available

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We also offer a broad selection of equipment in the following categories:


Contact us for details.

Cement Mixer

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Additional photos: picture 1, picture 2

Cement Pump

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Additional photos: picture 1